MSV-U is designed to provide terminal or circuit flow balance in hot and chilled water and cooling systems. Each MSV provides a high level of balancing accuiracy using an easy to set multi-turn balance setting wheel. MSVs also include memory stop, positive shut-off and dual differential read-out ports as standard equipment.




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Application guide
VBA6M302_Sep2014Lowres.pdf (7,6 Mb), Skjal númer: VBA6M302, Tungumál: Enska, Útgáfudagsetning: 10/10 2014
Cross-selling brochure for installers
VBFZH202_Sep2014Lowres.pdf (2,3 Mb), Skjal númer: VBFZH202, Tungumál: Enska, Útgáfudagsetning: 15/09 2014
Hydronic Balancing & Control product overview
VBA7G302_HBC-overview_A4_brochure_12p_Nov2016_low-res.pdf (1,1 Mb), Skjal númer: VBA7G302, Tungumál: Enska, Útgáfudagsetning: 12/12 2016

Case Stories
Energibesparende løsninger til renovering af varme- og kølingssystemer
Danish Energy Saving Brochure_LR.pdf (7,9 Mb), Skjal númer: VZA6E201, Tungumál: Danska, Útgáfudagsetning: 02/09 2013
Energy saving solutions for renovation of heating and cooling systems
VZA6E302_Sep2014Lowres.pdf (5,9 Mb), Skjal númer: VZA6E302, Tungumál: Enska, Útgáfudagsetning: 10/09 2014