VZ 2

VZ is a 2-way valve, which provides a high quality, cost effective solution for the control of hot- and/or chilled water for fan coil units, small reheaters and recoolers in temperature control systems.

VZ 2


No. of ports
Connection typeStroke

VZ 2

065Z5310 150.25161202Ext. thread5,5
065Z5311 150.4161202Ext. thread5,5
065Z5312 150.63161202Ext. thread5,5
065Z5313 151161202Ext. thread5,5
065Z5314 151.6161202Ext. thread5,5
065Z5315 152.5161202Ext. thread5,5
065Z5320 202.5161202Ext. thread5,5
065Z5321 204161202Ext. thread5,5


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