VFGS is a 2-way valve, which is designed for use primarily in heating and district heating applications for steam.



No. of ports
Connection typeStroke


065B2430 154163002Flange6
065B2431 206.3163002Flange6
065B2432 258163002Flange6
065B2433 3216163002Flange9
065B2434 4020163002Flange8
065B2435 5032163002Flange12
065B2436 6550163002Flange12
065B2437 8080163002Flange18
065B2438 100125163002Flange20
065B2439 125160163002Flange20
065B2440 150280163002Flange24
065B2441 200320163002Flange24
065B2442 250400163002Flange24
065B2443 154253502Flange6
065B2444 206.3253502Flange6
065B2445 258253502Flange6
065B2446 3216253502Flange9
065B2447 4020253502Flange8
065B2448 5032253502Flange12
065B2449 6550253502Flange12
065B2450 8080253502Flange18
065B2451 100125253502Flange20
065B2452 125160253502Flange20
065B2453 154403502Flange6
065B2454 206.3403502Flange6
065B2455 258403502Flange6
065B2456 3216403502Flange9
065B2457 4020403502Flange8
065B2458 5032403502Flange12
065B2459 6550403502Flange12
065B2460 8080403502Flange18
065B2461 100125403502Flange20
065B2462 125160403502Flange20
065B2463 150280403002Flange24
065B2464 200320403002Flange24
065B2465 250400403002Flange24


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