VFY-WA is a butterfly valve with electrical actuator for HVAC applications. The valve body type is available in wafer style with 4 centering lugs.

The butterfly valve is assembled from factory - ready for installation.



Connection typeValve Operation


082G7350 VFY-WA 254010120WaferElectric actuator
082G7351 VFY-WA 406216120WaferElectric actuator
082G7352 VFY-WA 507916120WaferElectric actuator
082G7353 VFY-WA 6517416120WaferElectric actuator
082G7354 VFY-WA 8027516120WaferElectric actuator
082G7355 VFY-WA 10049616120WaferElectric actuator
082G7356 VFY-WA 12588316120WaferElectric actuator
082G7357 VFY-WA 150121216120WaferElectric actuator
082G7358 VFY-WA 200250016120WaferElectric actuator
082G7359 VFY-WA 250394816120WaferElectric actuator
082G7360 VFY-WA 300563516120WaferElectric actuator
082G7361 VFY-WA 254010120WaferElectric actuator
082G7362 VFY-WA 326216120WaferElectric actuator
082G7363 VFY-WA 507916120WaferElectric actuator
082G7364 VFY-WA 6517416120WaferElectric actuator
082G7365 VFY-WA 8027516120WaferElectric actuator
082G7366 VFY-WA 10049616120WaferElectric actuator
082G7367 VFY-WA 12588316120WaferElectric actuator
082G7368 VFY-WA 150121216120WaferElectric actuator
082G7369 VFY-WA 200250016120WaferElectric actuator
082G7370 VFY-WA 250394816120WaferElectric actuator
082G7371 VFY-WA 300563516120WaferElectric actuator
082G7375 VFY-WA 350852016120WaferElectric actuator
082G7400 VFY-WA 507916120WaferElectric actuator
082G7401 VFY-WA 6517416120WaferElectric actuator
082G7402 VFY-WA 8027516120WaferElectric actuator
082G7403 VFY-WA 10049616120WaferElectric actuator
082G7404 VFY-WA 12588316120WaferElectric actuator
082G7405 VFY-WA 150121216120WaferElectric actuator
082G7406 VFY-WA 200250016120WaferElectric actuator
082G7407 VFY-WA 250394816120WaferElectric actuator
082G7408 VFY-WA 300563516120WaferElectric actuator
082G7409 VFY-WA 350852016120WaferElectric actuator


High performance butterfly valves. Tight and reliable solution
VBIXA502_Steel_Butterfly_valve_Flyer_lores.pdf (0,3 Mb), Skjal númer: VBIXA502, Tungumál: Enska, Útgáfudagsetning: 07/06 2016
Shut off the pressure loss open up for energy savings
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Butterfly valves VFY-WA
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EU declaration - Butterfly valves VFY-WA
VJIXD302_EU Declaration of conformity - VFY-WA.pdf (0,3 Mb), Skjal númer: VJIXD302, Tungumál: Enska, Útgáfudagsetning: 30/05 2017
EU declaration- Butterfly valves SBFV WW
VJIXB202_EU Declaration of conformity - SBFW WW.pdf (0,3 Mb), Skjal númer: VJIXB202, Tungumál: Enska, Útgáfudagsetning: 20/03 2017
EU-declaration of conformity AMB-Y
VJIXE102_EU declaration AMB-Y.pdf (0,2 Mb), Skjal númer: VJIXE102, Tungumál: Enska, Útgáfudagsetning: 10/08 2016

Butterfly valves VFY-WA
VDHDT802_VFY-WA.pdf (0,7 Mb), Skjal númer: VDHDT802, Tungumál: Enska, Útgáfudagsetning: 29/09 2016